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About us

We are a small family owned and run printing and signage business that has been servicing Perth Businesses for over twenty years.

At the Sign Post, we pride ourselves on customer service in printing & signage work. We will advise you what the most cost effective solution is for your job based on the quantity and size of the work. For example, a small run of stickers will be cheaper to print using digital technology rather than traditional screen printing, due to set up costs.

We can usually offer a four to five day turnaround for your product once the art work has been approved.

Vinyl Cut Graphics & Digital screen printing can usually be done in one to two days. If we can’t do the job for you (the job is too large, or you want materials we don’t print on, etc), we will recommend a company that can take care of your needs.

Signs are a funny thing. They feel like such a normal, every day, run of the mill thing. But they are actually kind of important. A great sign or sticker will communicate your message instantly, whether it’s personal or business, in the blink of an eye.

Whether it’s labels for your homemade jam, a decal for your work car or a sticker for your office door, The Sign Post signs and stickers will tell your story.

From keeping people safe on commercial workplaces, to customised gifts for your mum on Mother’s Day, our signs have been hard at work getting the message across.

We don’t want to make millions of signs, we want to make great signs. High quality, beautiful signs. From traditional screen printing to vinyl cut and digital printing, you can rely on The Sign Post for the highest quality signs at an affordable price.

We've been making signs for a decade and half, which means your sign will not only be high quality, it will be fit for whatever purpose you need, and last as long as you need it too.

So when you come to The Sign Post, you can rest assured that we will help tell your story, with the best signs and stickers in Perth.


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