Perth's Custom Printing & Signage Specialists


How We Print

In more than a decade and a half of printing, we have seen a lot of signage, stickers and labels, so you can rest assured that your signs are in experienced hands. Here is some more information about our processes, specifically, screen printing, digital printing and vinyl cutting, and sublimation.

  • Screen Printing

    Screen printing is the process of ‘building’ a sign one colour at a time. It is the traditional way of making signs, and still gives the best quality finish. Sometimes, the old ways really are the best.

    Once we have your artwork, we convert it into what is called a “film positive” then transfer onto a screen through an exposure process. Then we go into full quality control mode, checking over your image from top to bottom to make sure it has come out at the highest quality and is ready to begin printing. Once we are sure the image is as perfect as it can be, the final product is then printed one ‘run’ at a time. Screen printing gives a superior finish that is brilliant and vibrant.

    Printing specs

    • UV Rated Solvent inks suitable for outdoors
    • Full PMS colour range available
    • Maximum screen printing 1600mm x 900mm
    • Suitable for printing on a range of surfaces:
    1. - Sign white
    2. - Corflute
    3. - HIP’s
    4. - PVC
    5. - Plastics & all types of adhesive vinyls
        (blockout, reflective, clear etc).

    Common Usage

    • Fleet vehicle decals
    • Bus stickers (schools bus)
    • Real estate signs & stickers
    • Building construction signs
    • All fire signage for buildings
  • Digital Printing & Vinyl Cutting

    Working off a vector graphic of your image, our state of the art digital printer will handle any images and lettering with precision and exacting accuracy. For the technically minded, we print at 1440dpi with CMYK inks with print cut technology that can print and then contour cut with a maximum size of 730mm x 2000mm. All our digital prints are laminated.

    Printing specs

    • 1440dpi
    • Print and cut technology
    • Eco-solvent CMYK inks
    • Maximum size 730mm x 2000mm

    Common Usage

    • Photograph quality stickers
    • One-off prints
    • Small Quantities
    • Vinyl Cutting
    • Adhesive vinyls
    • Banner / canvas material
    • Customised vehicle decals (one-offs)

    How big can I print?

    Maximum printing / cutting capability width is 730mm wide, Length is up to 2m. We can also over lap to cover just about anything. Give us a call to see if we can have you all wrapped up.

    Super Hi-res

    Looking for crystal clear? We print at a resolution of 1440 DPI using Eco-solvent CMYK inks.

    Suitable for outdoor use

    Our ROLAND digital screen printing machine utilises solvent inks suitable for outdoor use.

    Print on any colour

    We have an extensive vinyl colour range availble, which can usually be matched to PMS colours.

    Any shape, any size

    Print, dry & then contour cut your design, sticker or graphic. Print and trim your design, sticker or decal to complex shapes.

  • Sublimation Printing

    Through the process known as digital sublimation we’re able to print any graphic onto just about any surface! Below are a few exmaples of the items we print frequently, but we’re certainly not limited to these. For more information on what we can print and what we can print on, fill out our online quote or give us a call on 08 9370 4696 and speak to the team directly.

    Printing Specs

    • 1440dpi x 1440dpi 
    • Inks - Pro Photo (CMYK Lc Lm Lk LLK) 
    • Maximum size 500mm x 400mm

    Common Usage

    • Mugs / Cups
    • T-shirts
    • Photo slate panels
    • Chromalux photo panels
    • Heat transfers
    • Mason Jars
    • Coasters