Product Of The Week

Product Of The Week


Lets just take a minute to appreciate our first blog post (EVER!) and our Product Of the Week, Our printed Tote Bags.

Hate to toot our own horns but these guys are the way of the future. No seriously.  If you havent heard the news, single use plastic bags will be banned in WA, and hopefully all states, as of mid 2018. This leaves the question, how will we ever shop without those darn grey toxic things? And thats where our newest product comes into the picture.

Tote bags have been around for some time, and are an ingenious solution to our plastic problem, but wow are they boring to look at! No wonder most people forget to take them along on their shopping trips. Thats why the team at The Sign Post decided to step it up a notch. We only print with the highest quaility inks on the highest quality products, products that will truly last the test of time. We've created a few totes of own so far, with witty designs (*see above photo!) Which are all available to purchase on our shopify store, BUT.... we're willing to put the power in your hands to design your own. So make it personal, make it promotional or make it a gift and customise it the way you like. Take the step forward to a smarter, more sustainable future & make it stylish while you're at it!